The Lady Mary Burn Kennedy Scholarship

This scholarship awards students a financial grant for participation in a workshop, class, or camp that promotes further learning of the Celtic arts. Students pursuing further skills in traditional Celtic art practices like, dance, pipes, drums, harp, fiddle, or language arts, are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Documentation of certification of the workshop, class, camp, or instructor
  • Instructor’s resume
  • Letter of recommendation from the instructor
  • Letter from the student or parent expressing a desire to pursue further skills in traditional Celtic arts and the reasons to do so.
  • Sponsorship letter from a Kennedy Society member*

*Note: The student himself or herself does not have to belong to the KSNA. However, the student must be sponsored by a KSNA member. Otherwise, the application will be considered invalid.

Contribute to the Scholarship

The Kennedy Society welcomes contributions to the Lady Mary Burn Kennedy Scholarship Fund! You may donate via PayPal or contact us [text link to appropriate persons contact page] for other methods.