The Kennedy Society of North America

The Kennedy Society of North America was founded at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (Linville, North Carolina) in 1973. We number several hundred active members and their families, and we are growing steadily. Although our name says North America, we have members in other countries around the world as well as in the United States and Canada. We would love to have you as a part of the Kennedy Society of North America.

Membership Types

Direct Membership

Any individual of Scottish or Irish origin having the surname Kennedy, however spelled, or a person connected by marriage with or descended from an ancestor who bore the name of Kennedy or one of the septs or branches of the Kennedy family can become a Direct Member.

  • This membership applies to this individual’s spouse and children(sons, daughters, legally adopted stepchildren, legally adopted orphaned grandchildren) under 21 years of age.
  • Direct Members are eligible to vote at the annual meeting and may hold office.

Associate Membership

Anyone who has a strong interest in the Kennedy Society and its activities but does not have a family tie to Clan Kennedy or its septs can become an Associate Member.

  • If applicable, this membership also applies to the household like the Direct Membership.
  • Associate Members are eligible to vote at the annual meeting but can not hold the offices of Chief/President or Deputy Chief/Vice-President (they can be Secretary or Treasurer).

To become a member:

1. Fill out application
2. Pay membership dues

Membership Benefits


Our newsletter keeps you informed about Kennedy Society activities and news relating to games and other events.Our website provides opportunities to learn more about the history and heritage of Scotland in general and of the Kennedys and Ayrshire in particular, all while simultaneously supporting them.

Become a member to gain access to our newsletter.


Meet, connect, and interact with other members of the Kennedy Society at games tents and via Facebook and email.

Kennedy tents at games welcome all members for snacks and refreshments, as well as offering some shade and rest. Further, a wee dram or two is always a likely probability!

Becoming active in the Society and attending games helps to grow not only the KSNA but also expands your social network and gives you reasons to travel.


The Lady Mary Burn Kennedy Scholarship awards students a financial grant for participation in a workshop, class, or camp that promotes further learning of the Celtic arts. Students pursuing further skills in traditional Celtic art practices like, dance, pipes, drums, harp, fiddle, or language arts, are encouraged to apply.