Kennedy Society members are officially allowed to deduct their annual membership dues, lifetime membership dues, and other contributions made to the Society since May 28, 2010 on their U.S. federal income tax returns. (If U.S. state income taxes are paid, dues and other contributions are generally allowed to be deducted on the state returns as well.) Expenditures made on behalf of the Kennedy Society—including expenses incurred to host or support Kennedy Society tents at highland games events—also may be deducted. Detailed records should be kept and included with all income tax information.

Cash contributions to the Society are deductible in full on income tax returns. All contributions are used to further the purposes of the Kennedy Society, which include:

In addition, noncash contributions of many kinds (for example, real estate and marketable stocks or bonds) might be deductible on income tax returns. This type of contribution possibly can avoid the need to report potential taxable income on the donated item. For noncash gifts, please contact the President/Chief of the Kennedy Society, Leo Kennedy.

To make a cash donation by credit card through PayPal, simply click the Donate button.

To donate by check, make the check payable to Kennedy Society of NA and send it to:

Amy Carrick
Treasurer, Kennedy Society of North America
Hudson Road, PMP 171
Greer, SC 29650

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